Nov 2020

Leak Detection Associates Announces New and Updated Helium Leak Detection System

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Leak Detection Associates (LDA), the world’s premier manufacturer of custom built, helium-based leak testing instruments for the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical Device and Food Packaging Industries is excited to announce the launch of its newest and most advanced helium leak detection system, the SIMS Model 1915. The SIMS 1915+ unit is engineered incorporating industry-leading Agilent Technologies components and is custom designed to meet the stringent requirements of clients in FDA-regulated industries. The new unit will replace the SIMS 1284+, marketed by LDA for the past 12+ years, and represents the most advanced and sensitive system available worldwide. With a revised interface and corresponding pump configuration specifically intended for pharma/biotech package testing, clients will see an improvement in instrument performance with more intuitive operation. Notably, the launch of the system coincides with the release of the all-new 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software package developed by the Leak Detection Associates software development team.

“While the SIMS 1284+ has proven to be a workhorse with a global client installation base for over 12 years, advancements in vacuum and helium-based technology have enabled our engineering team to improve component configuration and system performance, yielding the most advanced helium leak testing system for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. I am confident our clients will appreciate the new features, capabilities, and usability the SIMS 1915+ will offer”, commented Jeff Morrow Lucas Director of Engineering for Leak Detection Associates.

    Key features and benefits of the new SIMS 1915+ model include:
  • Base Helium Leak Detector powered by Agilent Technologies, globally recognized as a leader in the regulated market industries for laboratory equipment
  • An IDP-15 Dry vacuum pump (oil free) rated for 15m3/hour (9 cfm) and a Patented dual pump design for fast clean up and background suppression
  • Improved power-off process keeps spectrometer under vacuum and protects the turbomolecular pump, reducing operator dependency and increasing filament longevity
  • Maximum Test Port Pressure of 13 mbar (10 Torr, 1333 Pa) and 200 mbar (150 Torr, 2000 Pa) in Gross Leak Mode

The new SIMS Model 1915+ model is available for immediate order and based upon an improved supplier relationship with Agilent Technologies, lead times for custom-built orders will decrease from the previous 12-14 weeks to as short as 4 weeks. As clients have come to expect, each new SIMS Model 1915+ will be customized to client’s specific testing needs whether testing vials, blister cards, cartridges, or pre-filled syringes. Each SIMS 1915+ can be complimented with Leak Detection Associates’ robust service and contract offerings to provide end-to-end leak testing solutions.


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