Helium Leak Detector Calibration Standards

In addition to instrumentation and accessories, LDA also offers complete sets of calibrated helium leak standards to support routine use, daily performance verification or system suitability checks, and scheduled qualifications.

Internal Leak Standards: Each SIMS 1915+ is equipped with an internal helium leak standard. This tool is calibrated to release a specific concentration of helium corresponding to a known leak rate. It is used automatically by the instrument on each day of use, or on demand for a point-of use autocalibration prior to analysis.

External Leak Standards: Similar to the internal leak standards, each external helium leak standard by LDA releases helium at a known leak rate. However, instead of residing inside the instrument, they attach to the test port, the same way that a sample fixture would be mounted to the system. This external nature of these leaks makes them ideal for daily PV or SS activities, as well as qualification activities to challenge the accuracy of the system. External leak standards are available in a range of leak rates, allowing for an industry standard, multi-point check to be performed across leak rate ranges of interest.

The following Internal and External Leak Standards (including certificates of calibration) are provided with each new instrument purchase:

  • External Helium Leak Standard E-6 3 x 10 -6
  • External Helium Leak Standard E-7 3 x 10 -7
  • External Helium Leak Standard E-8 3 x 10 -8
  • Internal Leak Standard – Set at E-7 1 x 10 -7

Leak Detection Associates offers routine annual recalibration of all leak standards.

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