Package Test Fixtures for Helium Leak Detection

Out of the box, a Helium Leak Detector does not enable leak testing on a container or package system. An HLD is just one piece in an component matrix that creates a usable system, much the same way a display is part of a computer system. It is a useful and necessary component, but as an individual part, does not offer value. What sets Leak Detection Associates apart from instrument suppliers is our ability to take a helium detector, and build a custom leak testing system around it to meet client needs.

A key contributor to this is the engineering and development of custom fixtures tailored to the component to be tested. With more than 20 years of design experience covering almost every conceivable container / package type material of construction, the Leak Detection Associates Engineering team can ensure that the helium leak system we provide to your company will be customized to your study goals and package configuration.

As your company expands and develops new package systems or gains approval for new product introductions, the Leak Detection Associates team can continue to support your Helium Leak Testing System with the development of new, custom designed change parts.

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