Helium Leak Detection for Bottles

Bottles come in a wide array of sizes and configurations, reflective of their diverse use in the health sciences industry. Typically, they exhibit a screw top closure threaded onto the bottle mouth, though sealing properties ranges from elastomeric liners, to o-rings, to induction seals and reliance on plastic-to-plastic contact and compression. One specific trend is the increase in need to test sterile bulk containers or sterile API containers. As the industry continues to move toward outsourcing or even insourcing through a network of suppliers or sites, transport of sterile drug product or API is becoming increasingly common. These types of containers are traditionally challenging to test, but can be qualified prior to use or as a proof of concept using helium leak detection.

Leak Detection Associates has experience engineering solutions to test this diverse package class, helping clients optimize torque assembly, as well as sealing design, choice, and application parameters. As with most other applications, custom fixtures for helium leak detection enable numerous test modes are available given the client study goals and logistical considerations.

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