Head Space Analyzer Module

A critical component of a Leak Detection Associates custom helium leak testing system is the Head Space Analyzer Module (HSAM). The most up to date version of this unique device is the Model VM-2 which was designed by Leak Detection Associates. The HSAM features a probe that is the critical component for the determination of the helium concentration in the headspace of the container system.

Fitted with an Integral Calibration Chamber that has a Calibrant Gas Flow Control Valve and equipped with a Universal Holder that enables various diameters systems to be tested, this system is easy to use and operate. Each unit delivered by Leak Detection Associates will come with three (3) Puncture Probes (two spares).

The optional vial filling assembly allows the test preparation of already-stealed vials by replacing the headspace gas with 100% helium for test. This module can be used to prep samples at the point of test, after having undergone capping, or to prep samples that may have been stored for a period of time before test. Coupled with the VM-2, these unique attachments allow accurate and sample-specific readings that can be incorporated into flexible study designs.

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