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A global leader in package testing equipment has acquired Leak Detection Associates (LDA), the world’s leading manufacturer of helium-based, high sensitivity leak detection systems for the pharmaceutical and biologic industries.

helium leak detection

Helium Leak Detection

Helium leak detection (HeLD) is routinely used and widely accepted for applications that require the utmost leak sensitivity.

  • Helium is a small, non-reactive gas that is naturally rare in the atmosphere.
  • A custom-tuned spectrophotometer quantitatively measures the amount of helium escaping a package under vacuum.
  • Leakage is quantified to levels well below Maximum Allowable Leakage Limits (MALL) of most all product-package systems; ideal for package development and validation.
  • HeLD is currently used to fulfill test requirements or procedures in FDA guidance, EU Annex 1, ASTM F2391, USP <1207> and more.
helium mass spectrometry

One Technology, Many applications

Custom-designed and easy to change test fixtures enable a range of applications.

Customer-based Services

At LDA, we recognize that the value of an analytical instrument comes from the way each client uses it. Our services are purposely designed to complement internal capabilities of clients with differing needs. The LDA service offering, spanning PM, calibration, training, feasibility and testing are purposely tailored to maximize the value of each SIMS 1915+ and we are committed to helping clients meet their helium leak testing requirements.

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