CCI Helium Detector Manufacturer

For more than twenty-five years, Leak Detection Associates has served as the world’s premier manufacturer of custom-built helium leak detection solutions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and food packaging clients. Each test system is built to fulfill regulated quality system expectations and the exact client’s specification based on intended use and target package system configuration. For those clients that need an adaptable leak detection system for use with multiple package types and configurations, the LDA Team engineers custom, add-on components that ensure flexibility in achieving specific study goals.

The strength of the Leak Detection Associates Team is experience. The LDA systems were conceived and developed by Package Engineers with years of experience in the highly regulated industries where exacting, science-based standards of acceptance are the normal requirement. The LDA team takes pride in being a valued and trusted solutions provider to our clients. We are well versed and have hands on experience with all the requirements of an effective and meaningful Container Closure Integrity (CCI) program.

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